Thermal imaging


In winter, Footpaths offer neighbourhoods and its participants the chance to have their thermal images taken of their homes so they could see where the main heat losses occurred. Participants have been so far very enthusiastic about the results they received and are now looking for effective solutions to keep their houses warm.

“The whole house, upstairs and down, was heated to the same temperature of about 20 degrees centigrade when this image was taken. The exciting thing about this image is how clearly it shows the effectiveness of temporary cling-film type double glazing. (See the two small top windows downstairs which were cling-filmed are losing much less heat than the rest of the downstairs windows where I did not have the cling-film). They are still losing more heat than the upstairs windows which are, shoddily but properly, double glazed. The image also shows how effective the internal insulation I have drylined my external bedroom wall with is. (See how much heat is being lost from downstairs where the solid wall is not insulated, as opposed to upstairs which is insulated.) This has convinced me that I should insulate all my external solid walls as soon as I can save up the money to do so.” Zina, West Leicester

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