Transition Leicester has established several long-term projects, covering issues such as local food, energy and education:

  • Footpaths, which brings friends and neighbours together to help them reduce their carbon footprint through a series of regular meetings. Find out more about Footpaths event in JuneĀ  Leicester Green Open Homes and Living
  • Apple Press – our co-operatively owned apple press enables members to make and preserve their own delicious apple juice each autumn
  • Community Harvest Whetstone which involves food growers and consumers in producing sustainable local food togethe
  • Freeskilling Leicester promotes free local sessions for anyone to learn new skills and to offer their own skills for others to learn.
  • Green Fox Community Energy – a co-operative promoting investment in sustainable and affordable energy in the Leicester area
  • Green Light festival – an annual festival to promote and celebrate sustainable living in Leicester
  • Leicester Eco Energy Switch offers local residents the chance to switch to a greener electricity tariff through Transition Leicester, raising funds for our range of local projects as a result
  • LESSBIG st ebony porn ands for LeicesterShire Sustainable Self-Build Interest Group, and we are a network of people around Leicester & Leicestershire, and as the name suggests, we have an interest in sustainable buildings and self-building.
  • Library and swap-shop – based at the Eco House, offering the chance to read and borrow Transition-related books and magazines, and to donate or take away (for free!) clothes, books, and more!
  • Permaculture – an annual course covering the basics of Permaculture design, for creating productive and sustainable gardens, homes, and more

As Transition Leicester is a volunteer-led initiative, any project relies upon the motivation of people acting on something they’re passionate about to make it happen. So please consider getting involved with our existing projects, or think about any projects (big or small) that you’d love to initiate yourself that could be done under the Transition Leicester banner.