Eco Technology Group

ENERGY - solar PVAre you interested in renewable energy and a sustainable future?

Do you have an idea for making something using renewable energy but never got around to it?

Do you want to meet like-minded people who can help you complete that project?




Aim: The aim of the group will be to explore renewable energy sources for operating domestic devices which can be used to compliment existing energy usage in homes. Examples of using and converting kitchen waste can also be looked at, as well as larger projects involving wave energy and harnessing other renewable energy sources. However, wherever possible the larger projects can only be supported by assisting the members in giving theoretical assistance or making smaller desktop models.

Objectives: The first meeting will be used to decide few main themes: Firstly, to decide what we want in terms of making or modifying existing devices and in making new ones. Secondly, to select  the committee for the group; the need for the committee will be to show the group as an organised entity, which can create a bank account and also apply for funding for various projects – and maybe guest speakers or trips for members to see relevant projects and attend exhibitions. Thirdly, we hope to to make a game plan for running the group.


The first meeting is planned on: Thursday 5th June evening – 7pm till 9pm.

The venue: Northfields Neighbourhood Centre, Brighton Road, Leicester, LE5 0HD

Contact: 07940 532 144