Have Your Say On Fracking – Leicester FOE

new_foe_logo1The UK Government is planning a new round of licensing for firms to explore for and extract oil and natural gas. In the case of natural gas this will often be by means of the controversial technique known as fracking, and the areas up for licensing include much of Leicestershire. Before they can go ahead, however, the Government has to conduct a consultation and Leicester Friends of the Earth are urging as many people as possible to respond before the consultation closes on the 28th of March.

To help people to do this, Friends of the Earth have produced a guide which can be accessed which can be accessed at on the national Friends of the Earth website, at www.foe.co.uk if you search for “How to respond to the SEA”.

For more information, download LFoE PR – Fracking – 11.3.14 or contact Malcolm Hunter, Leicester FoE Media Officer, tel: 07773 289 316