Apple Day 2011: Saturday 29th October at the Friends Meeting House

Leicester Quakers and Transition Leicester are presenting their 3rd annual Apple Day event on Saturday 29th October from 10am to 4pm at the Friends Meeting House, Queens Road, Leicester.

It’s a family-friendly and fun event, featuring:

  • Apple Pressing so you can take away fresh apple juice
  • an Apple Expert to give advice and help on apple management and cultivation
  •  Leicestershire Apple Experts providing discussion of heritage apples from the county
  • Apple Games
  • Apple themed Food
  • Apple Songs

Please lend a hand with the event if possible. We need:

  • Apples for pressing to make that beautifully tasty apple juice…  so if you have a tree with apples we would love to be able to come and pick some (or better still you could pick them).
  • We are particularly keen to have small numbers of sample apples for tasting (if you know the variety) since many people were hit by the late frost and have no apples at all.
  • We need  screw top bottles (anything over 0.5 litre) with tops .  So if you use any bottles in the next month please keep them.  There will be a collection box in the Foyer of the Quaker Meeting House as last year
  • Can you plan to bring your favourite Apple themed food on the day?  We will be selling these for a small contribution to cover costs and contribute to the Meeting and Transition Leicester.
  • If you are free for part of the day, can you consider helping?  It would be nice to have people to serve food and help with teas and coffees, and to help with stalls such as apple games and apple tasting.

Offers of food or apples or help to Pete Fisher (pffisher AT or Jill Fisher (many.fishers AT

See you on the day!